Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Mix 2010

This is a new mix for Summer 2010, although it is in reality a re-lick of the set I played at Kimberley in 2009....

01 Journey in Satchidananda - Alice Coltrane
A beautiful spiritual jazz track that features in Jerry Dammer's Spatial Aka set - check them out if you get a chance.
02 Unmechanical Love - Jack Berkeley
Late of Naked and the Boys and now working on something destined to be BIG..that's yours truly on bass and 12 string
03 Butterfly - Henry Mancini
The master at work.....check out Herbie Hancock's version too, once sample dby Rockers on a very obscure remix.
04 Sunshine - Blue Planet Sound
My mates PK and Sam going all summery on us
05 Soulual Healing - Bigga vs Marvin
Couldn't resist slapping a bit of Marvin on one of my more chilled tunes, Sole Sister
06 Let the Happiness In - David Sylvian
An all time fave, love those deep deep horns
07 Mellow Planet - Chandra Walker
Chandra in mellow mood from a couple of years ago - you should hear his piano playing now. Astonishing.
08 Ghost Town - Up Bustle & Out
I don't think this version ever made an official release but it's class in a glass
09 Tom's Version - Herman Marquis
I love this because it's that loop from hip hop classic Fortified Live by Reflection Eternal AND it's a really cheesy reggae track to boot
10 Dunce Cap - Herman And The Aquarians
Note the Jimmy Saville-esque vocal stylings, guys n gals
11 Lively Up The Street - G Corp mashup
From last summer, what could be better than a bit of Streets-wise chit chat over Bob and the Wailers?
12 Doesn't Make It Alright -The Specials
Always brings a lump to my throat this one
13 T Jam - Lightning Head
My dirty guitar and trombone take on Stpehen Marley's beatbox dancehall joint
14 Southern Gul - Erykah Badu
More beatbox beats with THAT voice on top
15 The Man Machine - Kraftwerk
Lest we forget the pristine beauty of synths in Dusseldorf circa 1978
16 Bokoor Sound Special (Chico Mann remix) - Lightning Head
From the forthcoming 13 Versions album, it'll be worth the wait....