Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Afrobeat single out June 9th

With the new "13 Faces of Lightning Head" album done and dusted and at the artwork stage we are proud to announce a 4-track Afrobeat EP on Lion Head Recordings.

Initial reactions to promos of the single have been very encouraging (see below)

This new Lightning Head EP is in stores from June 9th and available now from www.biggabush.co.uk
You can listen to tracks here and here

1. The N.P.G.
2. Bokoor Sound Special
3. Afro Spot
4. Ilu Baje (Sick State)

Yeah; Sir Bigga Bush in Africa:
We like!! love this deep Mulatu breeze in your new productions!
Can´t get enough of that vibe.
Tom Wieland (Les Gammas)

Fantastic stuff Glyn, will definitely be playing out and on the radio show !
Tim “Love “ Lee (Tummy Touch, Boy Scout Recordings)

Nice afro-dub infused grooves by the man biggabush - always fresh!
Richard Dorfmeister

Nik Weston, Mukatsuku

I can live without ever hearing another Afrobeat record, but this is among the best I've run across by a modern outfit. Like Bokoor Sound Special, will play on the radio
Charlie Gillett, Sound of the World, BBC Radio

Smoking hot my friend ,,,,,,,really feeling the 6/8 on on Ilu Baje....also Bokoor Sound Special is Bass HEAVY !!
Gav Smith, Pantone Music, Mr. Bongo, Disorient

Thanks for the tunes sir
will support
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s, Trust the DJ

Well GOD DAMN brother! Thanks for these serious fire-starters right here. That Bokoor remix is all love... finally someone is giving a bangin' beat to these beautiful Highlife harmonies. Already mixed your "Afro Spot" at Afro Funke' (our Afro spot) and folks were literally yelling like it was their favorite tune. But maaan, N.P.G. is the one that's got me lately. Expect to hear them all on the KCRW show too... I can't wait to share them with the people!
Jeremy Sole's Musaics (KCRW / Afro Funke' / Bembe)

Jason Bentley KCRW

It's bangin!
Garth Trinidad (KCRW/Garth Trinidad Sound)

Loving Afro Spot which definitely has the biggabush sound nicely ingrained there. Ilu Baje is a favourite with the slightly off-kilter rhythms and melodies.
Cubik Music blog

Great tracks, Fela style
Marcus 'Makossa' Wagner-Lapierre
FM4 head of music ORF / Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Great little off-kilter number you've got with Ilu Baje. Love the organ on that one.
Justin Carter

Really like the EP. Played it on the radio show this week too..
Tomas Palermo, XLR8R

Just been listening to these and love them, productions like this are great to confuse the music geeks out there... is it old or new :o)
Simon Harrison , Basic Soul

Yes, yes. Feeling those tunes Glyn - proper Afro-Beat business
Steve Williams, UK Vibe

Calm Down My Selector Chart April 08
BiggaBush - Afrobeat EP
“It rocks”
Mixmaster Morris

PLAYLIST: #105 – 07/04/2008

#1. Lightning Head - N.P.G. (Lion Head Recordings)

#106 – 21/04/2008

6. Lighting Head. Afro Spot. Lion Head Productions

“The future sounds of afro”, really good, and really well produced
Enrique Domenech, Ibiza Sonica

Sounds dope! Dub-ious afro, a perfect combination.
Sanna Luoma

Great tracks! Will play one or two of them on my Radio Show today.
Buzz Rozwell , Upstairs Recordings

This release is really nice and a breath of fresh air.
I'm especially enjoying "Afro Spot" and "Bokoor Sound Special" ... great sounds.
I look forward to hearing the upcoming tunes you're cooking, for sure.
Q Burns Abstract Message

Thanks man, great tunes! Love “The N.P.G.” mos def integrated in my sets now!
Marc Hype

Amazing package! Love all the cuts and although it is clearly and afro vibes thing, has a strong jazz aroma for me. Absolutely wicked.

Some really lovely stuff on this ep… like N.P.G., the dubby Bokoor Sound and my favourite one- Ilu Baje
DJ Morpheus

This new work is so beautiful! Really, really special! I will play it tonight, tomorrow.... love all four tracks!
Wiseacre (Funky in the Middle / Sundaze / Pushin' On / LA)

Thanks for the tunes, they are fantastic!! Will be getting much play on my radio show in the coming weeks, to be sure! Especially 'NPG', totally feeling that!
Mike B, Friday Night Session 90.3 KUSF

Loved the tracks. Transformed grey, overcast Hackney into blazing mid-70s Lagos. Top work.
Ollie Cherer, Dollboy

BIG one
Michael Rütten, Soulsearching - the Compost radioshow, Vinyl Vibes

It sounds great - I will playlist this on Parisdjs and Getupandthink.com (Our New site for
Ness Erramani, Paris DJs

Thanks for the music I really dig it. Keep on with the great grooves!
Rob Garza, Thievery Corporation

Cool sounds + vibes. Liking the "Afro Spot" track the most I think.... I think "Ilu Baje" is just an incredibly sick tune as well...can't stop listening to that one actually. Looking forward to playing it out in the right situation.
Aaron Schultz/ DJ DRM/Bastard Jazz

Enjoying your tracks very much
Pete Lawrence, The Big Chill

Loving this release, especially NPG... good work!
Felix Haaaksmann, Highscore Publishing/Pulver Records

Loving the grooves on NPG & Afro Spot.
Played NPG In France last week during the warm up, sounded heavy heavy, banging!
TM Juke, Tru Thoughts, Me and You

Like your new stuff!!!!!!! really like it!!!! It Fucking grooves man...
Joan Barbena, Lasal, Barcelona

Really enjoying all of the tracks on the new release... great production on here, all very natural sounding and I'm loving the new African direction : )
Michael Cook, Sancha Panza, Low Life

Those are really some funky ass tracks - fits perfect into todays’ sunshiny vienna!
keep on
Franz Otto, PLAY.FM

Very good and subtil release. I really enjoy the "Bokoor Sound Special", I cannot stop listen to it, the melody stays deep inside my head.
zAc, Barna Soundmachine, Somosunekipo.com

#1 in the June/July "Lucky 13" for XLR8R # 118 charts
Toph One, XLR8R

Loving the tunes… really authentic sound
Chris Knight, Astrojazz

Sounds great...specially feeling the psychafro vibes of Ilu Bajae, but to be honest I love it all
Justin Unabomber/Electric Chair/Elektrons