Saturday, October 23, 2010



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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mix for August 2010

Didn't quite get the chance to do an exclusive mix this here's my spot on the Big Chill Radio from this years' festival:

Look out for a prog/psych special coming in 2011

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This month's mix for your listening pleasure....

01 Jimi Tenor - Reich Reggae
An old favourite, JT does Steve (rather than the Third) Reich in his own inimitable reggae style.
02 Spatial AKA Orchestra - Ghost Planet
Recorded live on Later with Jools Holland, Jerry Dammers new take on Ghost Town.
03 Dog With A Rope (Dub) - Quantic presents Flowering Inferno

A nice wee slice of latin dub from our man in Colombia.

04 Mos Dub - Ms. Vampire Booty

From the excellent mash-up album with Mos Def's vocals over Scientist and other classic dub backings, produced by Max Tannone - Mos Dub.

05 Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin - De I Comahlee Ah
Some pretty intense spiritual jazz from the 1975 album Antiquity.
06 Kings Go Forth - Don't Take My Shadow
Kings Go Forth are a current soul band that sound straight out of the 60s, signed to Luaka Bop. They have the only artwork ever done by Mingering Mike for a real (rather than imaginary) album. You'd have to be dead not to be moved by the passion in this performance.
07 Magic Drum Orchestra vs BiggaBush - Afro Drum & Brass
A mash-up of horns and drums from the Lion Head stable.
08 Blast Head - In Water Disco (BiggaBush Version)
A recent production for the excellent Blast Head from Tokyo on their own Free Hand label.
09 Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Mama England (edit)
I have mixed feelings about the new collaboration between these two giants of funk and's fantastic in places, a bit in need of an edit in others. Well worth a listen though.
10 Honor Blackman & Patrick McNee - Kinky Boots
Found this 7" in a carboot sale recently. Watch a fab video for this tune here
11 Whitefield Brothers - Breakin Through
Raw as ever, from their Earthology album.
12 Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Jupiter
Just saw these at the Larmer Tree Festival and they get better every time. Look out for an amzing new track called "Kryptonite".
13 Excerpt from "Addis to Axum" - mixed by Quantic

This is a really interesting DJ mix of very obscure records dug out by Will Holand on a trip to Ethiopia in 2004, another one to check. And it's a free download.

14 John Keating Incorporated - Never Never Gonna Give You Up

The Walrus of Lurve goes all moogy on us in this 70s take from John Keating Incorporated.
Read about the album Hits In Hi Fi here

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Mix 2010

This is a new mix for Summer 2010, although it is in reality a re-lick of the set I played at Kimberley in 2009....

01 Journey in Satchidananda - Alice Coltrane
A beautiful spiritual jazz track that features in Jerry Dammer's Spatial Aka set - check them out if you get a chance.
02 Unmechanical Love - Jack Berkeley
Late of Naked and the Boys and now working on something destined to be BIG..that's yours truly on bass and 12 string
03 Butterfly - Henry Mancini
The master at work.....check out Herbie Hancock's version too, once sample dby Rockers on a very obscure remix.
04 Sunshine - Blue Planet Sound
My mates PK and Sam going all summery on us
05 Soulual Healing - Bigga vs Marvin
Couldn't resist slapping a bit of Marvin on one of my more chilled tunes, Sole Sister
06 Let the Happiness In - David Sylvian
An all time fave, love those deep deep horns
07 Mellow Planet - Chandra Walker
Chandra in mellow mood from a couple of years ago - you should hear his piano playing now. Astonishing.
08 Ghost Town - Up Bustle & Out
I don't think this version ever made an official release but it's class in a glass
09 Tom's Version - Herman Marquis
I love this because it's that loop from hip hop classic Fortified Live by Reflection Eternal AND it's a really cheesy reggae track to boot
10 Dunce Cap - Herman And The Aquarians
Note the Jimmy Saville-esque vocal stylings, guys n gals
11 Lively Up The Street - G Corp mashup
From last summer, what could be better than a bit of Streets-wise chit chat over Bob and the Wailers?
12 Doesn't Make It Alright -The Specials
Always brings a lump to my throat this one
13 T Jam - Lightning Head
My dirty guitar and trombone take on Stpehen Marley's beatbox dancehall joint
14 Southern Gul - Erykah Badu
More beatbox beats with THAT voice on top
15 The Man Machine - Kraftwerk
Lest we forget the pristine beauty of synths in Dusseldorf circa 1978
16 Bokoor Sound Special (Chico Mann remix) - Lightning Head
From the forthcoming 13 Versions album, it'll be worth the wait....